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Queen Gipson was a mother of seven, six girls and one boy (whom proceeds in her death).  Ms. Gipson was a single parent most of her children’s life.  She worked at Methodist Dallas hospital for 31 years, which she retired at 59 to enjoy life.  Her work ethics were values that she demonstrate and instilled in her children.  She expressed, “You must work hard to get the things that you want.”  She would ride bikes, play softball, swim, travel, and cook with her children. 

She taught her children and grandchildren the importance of loving yourself the most, in order to love and take care of your children just as God intended.  Her lifestyle reflect putting God first in anything you do, and “everything was gonna be alright!”  Although she had seven children, she was very giving and supporting of others with children.  She would give her last dollar, clothes, food, transportation, and even shelter to stretch out her hand to those in need.  

People questioned these actions because they felt that she was in need herself, but God blessed her and opened unmeasurable doors because of her unselfish deeds.  Queen Gipson was a great example of a hard working mother that did not let life trials and adversities get in the way of her goals, happiness, and dreams.  “You can do anything you put your mind into”, this was her motto and it is very befitting for our young women within Q.U.E.E.N.S. organization.

In Loving Honor of the Life, Legacy and Love of 

"Don't be too prideful to

let somebody help you parent your kids"

"God don't give you kids that He won't bless you to

take care of!"

"I had 7 kids and God

blessed my with great people

in my life to love, nurture,

and take care of each

one of them"​

Queen Esther Gipson

Q.  U.  E.  E.  N.  S. 

to encourage teenagers and teen mothers that mistakes and obstacles does not deny your future. We implement strategies and skills with positive reinforcement for redirecting a negative situations into promising outcomes. Our efforts are to construct and manage a loving, healthy, and safe home for mothers and their children as the pursuit to graduating continues.

We provide care for the children, schedule bible class, teach personal and business etiquettes, parenting skills, and financial budgeting.

In the home, we will provide learning skills for the mothers to be effective with responsibilities, commitments, and challenges of living an independent lifestyle.

Personally, our foundation makes a difference with young women to reduce the high school dropout rates, depression, family problems, and child abuse by providing a supportive living space.

The convenience of having child care and emotional support, young mothers will build confidence and self-worth, which develops healthy and happy children and adults.

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